Computer Forensics

Computer, Digital Forensic and eDiscovery ExpertsToday most businesses rely upon electronic information in one way or another. This reliance has opened up new possibilities to litigators who can seek discovery orders forcing a business to hand over information stored in electronic form. Conducting a computer forensic investigation requires the careful and thorough collection of evidence.

Carter Tech can work with you to secure and collect relevant data, maintain its integrity, analyse the results and present you with a comprehensive understanding of what is found. We will give you the necessary facts to address litigation and to respond to allegations thoroughly and properly.

How can we help?
We use computer forensic methods to identify relevant electronic information, determine where the information is likely to be found, conduct the efficient and effective retrieval of the information and analyse and prevent the information in an appropriate manner.

We can assist organisations facing significant litigation, allegations of fraud or irregular activities or the need to investigate potential employee misconduct.