Are you looking for advice on how to best achieve your business outcomes using Information Technology? We can help. We have the technical, interpersonal and management skills to understand your business processes and deliver the best return from your investment in IT.

As a service provider which is independent of any vendor you can be assured that our advice will be unbiased and directed towards the best solution for you, not the one in which we are contracted to sell. Our IT Consultancy services include:

Infrastructure Design

Carter Tech can design, install and support your IT infrastructure that not only suits your requirements but is also scalable and flexible for the future. With IT being an integral part of most businesses, your infrastructure needs to account for today's technology and be flexible enough to be used into the future.

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Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning service aims to ensure that your IT strategy fits within your business strategy and goals. An IT strategic plan provides your organisation with a guide that identifies the core IT infrastructure required to support the business plan, identifies future trends of relevance and identifies way of reducing the total cost of technology ownership.

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

How would your organisation cope if a fire destroyed your office? Do you have suitable off-site backup and storage facilities? What would be lost? Carter Tech's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning focuses on these important issues.

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Network Reviews & Audits

A Network Review and Audit is an essential health check for your organisation's IT system. A Network Review and Audit will explain in plain English whether your IT system meets your business requirements efficiently and economically. We will meet with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and your IT needs and examine the system you already have in place.

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Security Reviews & Audits

With Information Technology becoming integral to most businesses today the safety and security of the data you hold is paramount. We understand that your data is one of your most valuable assets.

We use a three-fold approach to IT Security, emphasising prevention, detection and recovery.

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Software Compliance

Many organisations fail to realise the importance of software licences. Non-compliance with software licences is illegal and carries the potential for fines, civil damages and even imprisonment. Given that computer software is likely to be a high proportion of your IT spend you need to keep track of your licences and how they are being used.

We can help you recognise the serious consequences of failing to comply with software licences, demonstrate compliance or identify potential areas of concern so those issues can be rectified.

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IT Migration

Do you need to change from one system to another? Is your current system outdated or no longer suitable for your growing business? In addition to providing advice on which system would suit your business best, we also have extensive experience in migrating IT systems seamlessly with the minimal amount of downtime and fuss.

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IT Relocations

Do you need to relocated to new premises? We can help.

We can design the network at your new site, arrange for cabling and relocate all your IT equipment. We can conduct the relocation in a manner that reduces your down-time and causes minimal disruption to your employees and clients.

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Cloud Consulting

Cloud computing promises to improve your IT services and save money by turning IT into a service, not unlike purchasing electricity from the grid. Using the cloud, you utilise the capacity of others, generally for a monthly fee without having to purchase your own servers and infrastructure. Carter Tech's independence from any vendor allows us to provide you with the best advice and the best solution to achieve your business needs.

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