Cloud Consulting

Cloud ConsultingCloud computing promises to improve your IT services and save money by turning IT into a service, not unlike purchasing electricity from the grid. Using the cloud, you utilise the capacity of others, generally for a monthly fee without having to purchase your own servers and infrastructure.

Unlike many consultants, Carter Tech isn't affiliated with any single cloud vendor and can offer the best advice and solution to your specific requirements. If your business wouldn't benefit from cloud services, we will tell you so.

While cloud computing can offer many business key advantages, the transition of some or all of your business infrastructure to the cloud needs to be carefully managed.

We can help you gain the most from the cloud by conducting a thorough assessment of your current IT system. We will identify if your organisation can benefit from a cloud solution, identify key applications and plan your cloud migration.

Carter Tech uses industry best practice, drawing deep on our network, infrastructure and business expertise to deliver the best possible solution for your business.