Software Compliance

Ensure your business is compliant with its software licencesMany organisations fail to realise the importance of software licences. Non-compliance with software licences is illegal and carries the potential for fines, civil damages and even imprisonment. Given that computer software is likely to be a high proportion of your IT spend you need to keep track of your licences and how they are being used.

We can help you recognise the serious consequences of failing to comply with software licences, demonstrate compliance or identify potential areas of concern so those issues can be rectified.

How does licence infringement occur?
Licence infringement can occur through a number of methods, including more obvious methods like copying and sharing programs between friends and colleagues, copying employer's copies of software, pre-loading of non-licenced software by computer dealers and internet downloads. Less obvious examples include breaching the terms and conditions of the licence and installing more copies than allowed by your licence.

Nobody gets caught, why should we worry?
Incorrect. Within Australia the Business Software Association of Australia (BSAA) provides substantial rewards for information that leads to a successful conviction or civil case for licence infringement.